英语口语(Oral English Performance)对话四人一组,扮演三个中国人一个外国人。


1.Describing Food描述食物。中国朋友与西方朋友相互描述食物。味道、外貌、颜色与看法等。

2.Polite/Impolite table manners礼貌的和不礼貌的餐桌礼仪。表演出一些,并改正不礼貌的礼仪。

3.Family家庭。讨论各自的家庭,其中一人描述family tree。

4.Traditions and opinions传统和看法。谈论中国的传统文化,西方朋友问问题。(例如哪些是老传统哪些是现代的?喜欢哪些?为什么?)

5.Generation Differences代沟。讨论中国社会现在和以前有哪些不一样的。(例如人物着装、教育程度、娱乐方式或旅游等)谈论父母及自己的期望,觉得现实或不现实的原因?

6.Friendship categories体现出朋友亲密程度的渐变。



M (Mason)            B (Blake)               S (Smile)               P (Patrick)

Smile and Blake is old friends, Mason is Smile’s new friend, Patrick is Mason’s neighbor and a westerner.

Scene I

(Smile and Blake are sitting on a bus, Mason and Patrick are getting on the bus)

M: Eh?

P: What’s wrong?

M: (Pointing to Smile)I think I know him.

P: So you can say hello to him.

M: I've only met him twice about half a year ago and I forgot his name.

P: There…Eh, he is coming.

S: Oh! Are you Mason? Do you remember me? I’m Smile. We’ve met several times before.

M: Hey! Mason. Nice to see you again!

S: It’s really a nice day. How’s it going?

M: Not bad. And let me show you my new neighbor, Patrick. He is British. And this is Smile.

S: Nice to meet you! Patrick. Welcome to china.

P: Thanks. Nice to meet you, too.

S: I also have my old friend to introduce to you. This is Blake.

M&P: Hi, Blake.

B: Hi, Mason and Patrick. Patrick, how long have you been to china?

P: About one month.

B: So how do you think of China ?

P: China is a country with a long history, there are lots of traditions.

S: Actually, old traditions are reducing gradually.

P: Can you tell me something about Chinese traditions?

S: Such as the spring festival, people will have a big dinner on new year’s eve. We will eat dumplings and hot pot.

B: We watch CCTV gala, it’s famous in china.

M: And we set off fireworks, take family pictures, visit relatives and friends.

P: Which ones are old traditions and new?

B: Absolutely, eat dumplings and visit others are the old traditions. Watch CCTV, set off fireworks and take family pictures are the new traditions.

P: Do you like these traditions?

S: I like visit my friends for we may just meet them during the spring festival. Actually, I haven’t watch CCTV gala for several years. I think it’s boring for the invariably elements.

B: I love the red envelope, but I can’t get it any more for my growing up. I don’t like to visit too much relatives, they always ask me how does my work and when to get married.

M: That’s right! I don’t like visit too much relatives for the same reason, they are annoying sometimes. I prefer to go out to travel for it’s a long holiday.

P: Every person has there own idea about traditions.

S: Oh, Blake, we are arrived at the station. We have to go. Bye! Mason and Patrick.

B: See you next time. Mason and Patrick.

M&P: Bye!


Scene II

(On a street near the business district)

P: Hey! Smile and Blake.

B&S: Oh! Hey! Patrick.

P: I come around shopping with Mason.(pointing to Mason)

S: I see. He takes the money in the ATM machine over there.

(a short time later)

M: Hi! There. What a coincidence!

B: Yeah! We are here to buy something, too.

M: Because of inflation, 10 yuan is worth less today than it was 50 years ago.

S: The world is changing, you know. There are generation differences.

P: Actually, I’m curious about generation differences in Chinese society, can you tell me something about it?

S: For example, clothing. Chinese people wears simple, handmade and conservative clothes in the past, but now they are fashionable, stylish and colorful.

P: How about entertainment and academics? What’s the different?

B: Entertainment is changing. People always visit friends, watch comic performances or listen to storytelling in the past, that’s imaginative. With the development of science and technology, it became more widely now.

M: People receive more education than before, and it’s convenient such as studying on the internet.

P: I see. They also travel frequently than before and more further.

B: Travel…My mother don’t like me to travel a lot for she wants me to study hard and get a higher degree.

S: That’s realistic, you have to spend more time for study. My parents want me to be a doctor in the future. That’s unrealistic for I don’t like the smell of hospital. I prefer to be a teacher who has a lot of holiday.

M: We all have generation gaps with our parents. Just like they may always save money but we’d like to spend it. My parents want me to be a teacher, I think it’s unrealistic for I don’t like study at all.

P: Parents may not understand the movies we watch or the music we listen. I want to be a rock musician, but it became unrealistic for my parents dislike it. They want me to be a accountant. It’s realistic, because I also interested in it.

M: That is generation gaps. It’s a problem sometimes, we should communicate with them constantly.

B: Mason and Patrick, can I have your telephone number? We could make phone calls and keep in touch.

M&P: Of course. Here is my number.

S: I will take it, too.

S&B: And this is my number.

(after exchange phone numbers)

S: Okay! It’s time to back home.

M: We’ll walk around for something else.

P: See you!

S&&B: Bye!

M: Bye!


Scene III

(Several weeks ago…Mason asks his neighbor Patrick to his house for a dinner, and also make phone calls to Smile and Blake)

M: Patrick, how about come to my house this Sunday evening? I’m going to do a dinner and show you some delicious Chinese food.

P: Oh! Thanks. Sounds great! I won’t miss it.


M: Hello, is that Smile?

S: Yes. Hello, Mason. what’s the matter?

M: I’m going to do a big dinner this Sunday evening in my house, and invite you and Blake to come. I hope you are free that time.

S: Thanks. Blake is in my house, hold on please…(ask Blake…)…Mason, we will get your house on 6 o’clock that day.

M: That’s nice.


Scene IIII

(Time: 6 o’clock on Sunday afternoon                 place: Mason’s house)

(Smile, Blake, Mason and Patrick are in the house)

B: I like cooking, need help?

M: It’s almost done. You can make a dish that you are good at if you want.

B: Ha! You won't be disappointed.

S: Patrick, come on. Tell me something about your favourite British food. How does it look?

P: It’s a kind of cookies and looks like a pizza. It is made of creamy chocolate and some fruit such as strawberry or blueberry, and other ingredients, bake it for a few minutes and then it’s ok.

S: Sounds great. How does it taste?

P: Obviously, it’s sweet. And it’s crispy.

S: I see.

(after a while)

M: Okay! It’s all ready. Come on, we are going to start our big meal.

(everybody sit down)

M: Guests first! Sit down. Take the chopsticks, Patrick, I know in your country people use fork and knife, and place napkin on the lap. Well, look at the dishes.

P: I know this is xi hongs hi chao dan. I can do it, but taste bad.

S: Ha. I like it very much, the tomatoes are not too sour.

B: Uhm. It’s juicy. Good!

M: Look at this dish, it’s Blake’s work, Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce.

P: Let me try this ruddy red color dish. Smile, please pass some to me.

M: The dish is sour, sweet, spicy and rich with flavor.

P: Taste nice. How do you cook it? Say simply.

B: Frist step, cut the pork into slices, put in soy sauce, starch, salad oil and the liquid egg white and mix them well by hand. Second step, wash the black jelly ear, the garlic, the ginger, and something other. Third step is...

S: I know then. Spread the salad oil on the heated wok, and then pour salad oil in the wok, fry the shredded pork until it almost cooked and put the pork in the colander to drain the oil. And the last step is, pour salad oil in the wok and stir-fry the diced garlic and ginger in it, then put in other condiments and fry them. Oh, Blake, you shouldn’t stick your chopsticks straight in the rice, it’s impolite.

B: I’m sorry, I don’t mean it.

M: That’s ok.

S: Blake, my mother said she met your parents yesterday. How are they?

B: Thanks. They are fine. And my sister is going to take the college entrance examination.

M: Good luck to her. I have an old brother and a younger sister, my brother will be married in several month. It’s a big thing in my big family.

P: Big? How big?

M: My dad has 5 brothers and 3 sisters, and they all have one or two children. Some of my cousin even get married and have their babies. My dad is the youngest in his brothers, and one of my aunt and my dad is at the same age. Except my parents, I love my youngest aunt best, She always give us a lot of gifts.

B: That’s really a big family. Smile is an only child, isn’t it?

S: Yes. I played with my cousin when I was young, and often fight with him.

P: Ha. Boys always fighting. I have two elder brothers, they helped me a lot when I was young.

(everyone is almost full)

B: Patrick, this dish taste good, have more!

P: Oh, no, thanks. I’m full.

M: It’s delicious, just have a little more.

P: No, thanks.

S: Don’t do this, in west culture, keep offering someone food if they are full is impolite.

B&M: Okay! Okay!

P: Nothing serious. It’s in china now. Burp~ oh, excuse me.

B: Ha. He’s really full.

M: Well. Do dab your mouth with the napkin on the table, and let’s go on chatting in living room.


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